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Vacation Rental Management

Professionally Managed Vacation Rentals By Abigail's Concierge
Abigail's vacation rental property management program makes vacation rentals a convenient and pleasurable experience for both home owners and guests.  It is our goal to be the first choice for rental management services.   The rental management program and property care services offer the best value possible in administration and  maintenance of your vacation/second home property. If you've considered converting your long term rental into a vacation rental now is the time. There is a high demand for quality vacation rentals in our area and not enough supply. 

Reasons why you should consider Abigail's to manage your rental 

#1 We treat your home like our own because if you don’t make money, we don’t make money!

 • Reservations:we manage and process all guest inquiries, customize quotes, maintain booking calendar, provide confirmation correspondence, directions and information, handle deposit refunds and work to create an amazing guest experience


• Facilities:we handle all aspects of your home’s maintenance both ongoing and during emergency situations. We train, inspect and manage cleaning staff, landscapers and vendors. And keeps your property properly supplied and running smoothly


• Amenities:We provide free consultation to owners on furnishing the property, cleaning requirements and amenities that guests seek so the property can be frequently requested. We also provide set up services if requested


• Accounting: We handle rental contracts, payment methods, sales and use taxes, process vendor payments, supply receipts and create monthly statements for owners


• Marketing:We manage your VRBO, Craigslist and Airbnb ads continually ensuring that you have market competitive rates, updated information, pictures etc…


•  Care and Maintenance:  We serve as emergency contacts for guests and owners who are available at all times. We ensure your home is cleaned after the departure of every guest and all maintenance issues are attended to so your home’s value is maintained.


 What Are the fees?

Our property management fee is charged as a percentage of monthly rental revenues only. We only earn our fee's by maximizing your rental. We offer both 100% turnkey services as well as partial administrative and guest facing services. You pick what suits your needs. 

What is Abigail's responsible for on my property?

Managing and coordinating all access to the property

Preparing and submitting all monthly rental remuneration and annual 1099 forms

Preparing and paying applicable lodging and sales taxes

Rental promotions and advertising including creating a full comprehensive listing on VRBO

Managing housekeeping services after guest checkout 

Managing soft good and cleaning product inventory (at owners cost)

Managing maintenance and repairs as well as landscaping services (at owners request)

Providing guest relations and concierge services for guests

Providing emergency service call support 24/7 for guests

Providing guest agreements for guests with owners protection in mind

What are owners responsible for?

Initial Investment:
  • VRBO Advertising and set up (required because of their powerful search engine optimization)
  • Photo session for your home allowing for up to 24 pictures online (can be deducted from initial rental bookings)
  • Electronic keyless doorlock (optional but highly recommended)
  • Guest amenities inventory (paper products and toiletries, cleaning supplies)
  • Furnishings, linens and kitchen basics (we can assist with purchasing if needed)

Paying monthly mortgage, utilities, insurance, HOA fees and other obligations associated with owning the home and transient use insurance for your property to ensure you are properly protected during guest rentals

Furnishing the home with the basic required inventory items and furnishings plus any additional added amenities that would increase the homes desirability. And ensuring the home is in full operating condition prior to the first reservation. Cable, WiFi, power, hot tub, deferred maintenance projects etc...

Providing basic maintenance on the home to keep it in good working condition and looking fresh (management of services can be included as part of turnkey service)

Providing repairs or replacements for items and inventory resulting from normal wear and tear. (Damages, repairs or inventory replacement resulting specifically from a Guest’s negligence are paid for by the Guest or the Accidental Damage insurance.)

More details about the Abigail's Vacation Rental Management Program:
All nightly rental fees such as housekeeping, lodging taxes, booking fees and damage waivers are paid for by guests, not owners.

We specialize in managing and marketing properties in the Gig Harbor, Fox Island, Key Peninsula, Ollala, Tacoma and surrounding areas.  

Still have questions? For more information about our property management services and fees, please feel free to call us. 


  • "Our commitment is to doing everything in our power provide peace of mind, low stress and a sense of security by attending to every detail during our clients absence."
    – From Abigail's Concierge
  • "We will even serve as emergency contact during the owner’s absence. No one likes to get an alarm call at 3 in the morning, especially when they are thousands of miles away."
    – From Abigail's Concierge