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Vacation Rental Management

Professionally Managed Vacation Rentals
Abigail's vacation rental property management program makes vacation rentals a convenient and pleasurable experience for both home owners and guests.  It is our goal to be the first choice for rental management services.   The rental management program offer the best value possible in administration and maintenance of your vacation property. 

Reasons why you should consider Abigail's for your property rental and care:

  • We are in business to protect you and your investment while providing a return to offset the cost of owning vacation property.
  • We have a local, professional presence and can respond quickly to guest's and owner’s needs, 24-7 and handle problems that may arise in an efficient manner.
  • We specialize in providing the highest level of professional and courteous customer service for every owner and guest and are here to provide information, directions and concierge services in order to make every stay a memorable one. 
  • We care about each and every property and we strive to meet every owner’s specific needs so they can feel comfortable that their property is in the right hands.
  • Our mission is to provide an exceptional vacation experience for our guests so they return frequently and recommend your vacation rental to their friends and family resulting in more bookings and revenue for you.
  • We are a member of the Vacation Rental Managers Association (VRMA) and our staff is trained in industry best practices to enhance guest’s vacation experiences and earn you more rental revenues.
  • We require security deposits on all rentals to protect against accidental damages to your property.
  • We provide free consultation to owners on furnishing and staging the property, cleaning requirements and amenities that guests seek so the property can be frequently requested.
  • We set competitive rental rates based on market demand and we know when to adjust them to maximize your revenues even during slow seasons.
  • We inspect your property inside and out both before and after each rental to ensure our cleanliness standards are met, and to eliminate any potential maintenance issues before they arise.
  • Our property management contracts and guest rental agreements are reviewed by legal professionals to ensure you are protected.
  • We use sophisticated property management software to manage reservations, listings and promotions for your property and use a trusted accounting system to assure your financial transactions are safe.
  • We handle all aspects of the reservations: rental contracts, confirmation correspondence, directions, payment methods, sales and use taxes and accounting related to your property to be in compliance with state and local regulation so you don’t have to worry about the details.
  • We send you detailed monthly revenue reporting and your rental remuneration within 15 days of the beginning of each month for the prior month’s rental activity so you have your rental money quickly.
  • We can manage all facets of your property maintenance needs using our property care staff and by coordinating with local vendors and subcontractors so you don't have to.

What are the fees to be in the Rental Management Program?

  • Except for some initial set up and the VRBO subscription fee the ongoing property management fee is charged as a percentage of nightly/monthly rental revenues. There are no monthly management fees associated with rentals. 
  • We highly recommend an annual deep cleaning of your home so that it meets our cleanliness standards and keeps guests happy!  Rates are based on the size of the home.

What is Abigail's responsible for on my property?

  • Providing the entire spectrum of tasks and services associated with using your property as a short term vacation home, keeping it clean, and informing the owner of any issues with the home. The management fees cover all activities associated with these tasks with exception to routine maintenance and home repairs. We can coordinate any or all maintenance and repairs but the costs for these are not included in the management fee.
  • Adjusting rental rates to meet market demands.
  • Managing and coordinating all access to the property.
  • Preparing and submitting all monthly rental remuneration and annual 1099 forms.
  • Preparing and paying applicable lodging sales taxes, credit card merchant fees and travel insurance and damage protector insurance premiums.
  • All rental promotions and advertising. Additional rental-specific advertising can be coordinated by us for an added fee.
  • Providing housekeeping services after guest checkout.
  • Providing guest relations and concierge services for guests.
  • Providing emergency service call support 24/7 for guests.
  • Providing legal contracts and house rules for guests.
  • Communicating with the owner on any and all issues that fall outside of the daily property management responsibilities that may affect rentals or require an owner authorization.

What are Owners responsible for?

  • Paying their monthly mortgage, utilities, insurance, HOA fees and other obligations associated with owning the home.
  • Providing landlord insurance for their property to ensure they are thoroughly protected during guest rentals.
  • Furnishing the home with the basic required inventory items in the Rental Management Agreement plus any additional added amenities that would increase the homes desirability.
  • Ensuring the home is in full operating condition prior to the first reservation. Some examples are: installing and activating all utilities, ensuring all mechanical systems are in good working order, ensuring all furnishings and inventory items are in place, etc...
  • Providing basic maintenance on the home to keep it in good working condition and looking fresh, such as quarterly pest control, A/C filter changes, annual window washing, periodic grounds maintenance, etc...
  • Providing repairs or replacements for items and inventory resulting from normal wear and tear. Damages, repairs or inventory replacement resulting specifically from a Guest’s negligence are paid for by the Guest or the Accidental Damage insurance.
  • Owners can use a service provider of their choice for any of the tasks above or may elect to contract Abigail's  to coordinate or provide any or all of these services. Costs for maintenance and repair services can conveniently be integrated into the Owner’s monthly statements.

More details about the Abigail's Vacation Rental Management Program:

  • All nightly rental fees such as housekeeping, lodging taxes, booking fees and damage waivers are paid for by guests, not owners.
  • There are no restrictions for owners to stay in their own vacation property.  We require advance notification for an owner or guest of owner reservation and owners must pay a housekeeping service or inspection and re-stocking charge upon their departure.

Still have questions? For more information about our property management services and fees, please feel free to call us. 


  • "Our commitment is to doing everything in our power provide peace of mind, low stress and a sense of security by attending to every detail during our clients absence."
    – From Abigail's Concierge
  • "We will even serve as emergency contact during the owner’s absence. No one likes to get an alarm call at 3 in the morning, especially when they are thousands of miles away."
    – From Abigail's Concierge