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Vacation Home Watch

About Our Vacation Home Watch Services

Enjoy your family vacation knowing you can concentrate on having fun instead of worrying whether you turned the heat down or locked the front door. Your home is in good hands.

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Standard Checklist

  • Visual inspection of interior walls, ceilings, floors
  • Check critical areas for leaks
  • Rotate lights on/off (for added burglary deterrent) - replace bulbs as needed
  • Check that refrigerators and freezers are maintaining temperature
  • Water indoor plants and outdoor pots
  • Ensure that screens, windows and doors are secure
  • Ensure security system is set
  • Test all outdoor lighting – replace bulbs when necessary
  • Bring in mail, newspapers and fliers accumulating on driveway or at front door
  • Act as your emergency contact for security alarms or deliveries (deliveries can also be sent to our office)
  • Inspect perimeter of home and property for signs of trespassing
  • Ensure all gates and out buildings are locked and secure
  • Garbage and recycling cans taken out and put back on schedule
  • Check and clear debris off of porches and driveways
  • For pet owners - we extend extra love and attention as well as food and water so your pets feel well taken care of

We are happy to work with you to accommodate needs unique to your home.

Pet owners, we want you to know that your family member is taken care of while you are away. We’ll provide some pictures of your pet if it is something you or children need in order to feel relaxed and at ease. Review our Pet Checklist for some great reminders. 


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  • "Our commitment is to doing everything in our power provide peace of mind, low stress and a sense of security by attending to every detail during our clients absence."
    – From Abigail's Concierge
  • "We will even serve as emergency contact during the owner’s absence. No one likes to get an alarm call at 3 in the morning, especially when they are thousands of miles away."
    – From Abigail's Concierge