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Snowbird Home Watch

About Our Snowbird Home Watch Services

Leave your home in the hands of a trustworthy team. You can enjoy your time in the sun while we take care of your most prized personal possession, your home!

At Abigail’s Concierge, we provide a home watch program for the duration of your flight south. With a variety of visit options - once a week (recommended), twice a month. 

Standard Checklist

  • Visual inspection of interior walls, ceilings, floors
  • Run water through all taps, toilets, faucets
  • Check critical areas for leaks or pests
  • Rotate lights on/off (for added burglary deterrent) - replace bulbs as needed
  • Check that refrigerators and freezers are maintaining temperature
  • Ensure that screens, windows and doors are secure
  • Ensure security alarm is set
  • Test all outdoor lighting 
  • Handle your mail
  • Act as your contact for security alarms or emergencies 
  • Coordinate vendor let ins
  • Water indoor plants
  • Check and clear debris off porches and driveways

Do one-off inspections during any major weather occurrences

  • Inspect perimeter of home and property for signs of trespassing or damage
  • Ensure all gates and out buildings are locked and secure
  • Start your car (If requested)

After each visit, we send you a detailed report and pictures (if needed) so you can rest easy. We will also work with you to accommodate any additional needs unique to your home.

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  • "Our commitment is to doing everything in our power provide peace of mind, low stress and a sense of security by attending to every detail during our clients absence."
    – From Abigail's Concierge
  • "We will even serve as emergency contact during the owner’s absence. No one likes to get an alarm call at 3 in the morning, especially when they are thousands of miles away."
    – From Abigail's Concierge